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The history of the Mason bottle


But you may not think that the small jars that have been popular recently are already a hundred years old. It was initially an old antique used by grandmothers to make canned food and store jam. It was only in recent years that young people suddenly sought after it and instantly swept the world.

The twists and turns of Mason Jar: The history of Mason Jar starts with the invention of canned fruit. In 1806, in response to military needs, the French invented preserving food in sealed glass jars. This is the embryonic form of cans. However, the cans had to be sealed with melted wax, which was easy to be embarrassed when you opened the lid, and it was challenging to reseal it afterward. However, you significantly improved this situation in 1858. John L. Mason, a tinsmith in New York, made a bottle cap with a thread on the inside instead of a bulky cork. Subsequently, people added a liner to the bottle cap to enhance the sealing effect, and it is unknown where it is higher than the wax seal. Mason applied for a patent for the design, and the jar was named "Mason Jar."

Today, our manufacturing technology is more advanced and more complete than before. While we are restoring the production of Mason jars, we can further guarantee the high quality of the products.



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