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Briefly introduce the Mason jar.


The Mason Cup, which can also be called a Mason bottle or a Mason jar, was invented by John Mason in the United States.

They are mainly used to store food or make pickled products. Many people like it at home and abroad because of its high appearance and good airtightness. With solid plasticity, it has been developed for various uses by experts.

But its material is ordinary glass, which is not resistant to high temperature. If you pour boiling water directly in, it may burst, so it can only be used as a cold drink cup.

Of course, his use is not just a drinking glass. Over the years, people have developed it for many purposes. For example, it stores brightly colored candies for decoration, pickling, and storing fruits and vegetables. It has completely broken away from the design meaning of storing objects and transformed into an ornament. There are also many retro mason bottles for decoration and decoration on the market, and many creative mason bottles also have unique artistic qualities.



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