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Belgian Rooster Cup and Mason Bottle


The rooster cup is the Mason bottle with a handle. The Mason bottle is also called the European glass because the person who invented the bottle was called Mason, so it got its name, and most homemakers used it to store and preserve food.

There is no essential difference between the so-called Belgian rooster cup and the traditional Mason bottle. They are both glass containers. The difference is that people add a minor artistic component to the flat glass.


Today, this humble glass bottle has flooded every corner of our lives. Use glass jars for making oats with milk in the morning; use glass jars for milk tea in the restaurant at noon; use glass jars for desserts after dinner. Instant noodles and salad dressing can be done in a glass jar, and some people even use it to grow potted plants and make lampshades, as if doing so can be like an artist and make life more ritual.



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