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  • The history of the Mason bottle


    The history of the Mason bottleBut you may not think that the small jars that have been popular recently are already a hundred years old. It was initially an old antique used by grandmothers to make canned food and store jam. It was only in recent years that young people suddenly sought after it and Read More

  • Belgian Rooster Cup and Mason Bottle


    Belgian Rooster Cup and Mason Bottle The rooster cup is the Mason bottle with a handle. The Mason bottle is also called the European glass because the person who invented the bottle was called Mason, so it got its name, and most homemakers used it to store and preserve food.There is no essential dif Read More

  • Briefly introduce the Mason jar.


    Briefly introduce the Mason jar.The Mason Cup, which can also be called a Mason bottle or a Mason jar, was invented by John Mason in the United States.They are mainly used to store food or make pickled products. Many people like it at home and abroad because of its high appearance and good airtightn Read More

  • The glass teapot production process mainly includes:


    The glass teapot production process mainly includes:①Pre-processing of raw materials. Crush the bulk raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) to dry the wet raw materials, and remove iron from the iron-containing raw materials to ensure the quality of the glass.② Preparation Read More

  • The difference between glass and crystal


    1. feel: the thermal conductivity of crystal is better than glass, so the crystal cup feels cooler than glass.2. hardness: crystal is harder than glass, crystal can easily cut glass, but glass is difficult to cut crystal.3. refraction: the crystal cup can be found to be crystal clear cup body, can r Read More

  • Why the mason jar has been used until now


    The mason jar is not much different from other glass jars. It is just an ordinary glass jar with good airtightness. But in the age when Mason jars were born, there were no glass jars with good airtightness. Therefore, the Mason jar brings a simple design and excellent airtightness.Back then, many ho Read More

  • Are our customized glass jars safe?


    Are our customized glass jars safe? Most of the cheap glass products circulating on the market are not as safe as you think. The cost of glass products is determined by the scale of the glass jar supplier. Those small workshops that produce cheap glass bottles cannot reduce costs with production cap Read More

  • Types of caps of custom glass jars (2)


    Types of caps of custom glass jars (2) Let's continue to talk about the other two kinds of custom glass jars caps. We are professional custom glass jar manufacturers, and we will provide you with the best custom glass jars wholesale service. Snap-on seal custom glass jars. It is a glass bottle seali Read More

  • Types of caps of custom glass jars (1)


    Types of caps of custom glass jars (1) There are four main sealing methods for custom glass jars with airtightness. The difference between them is that a different sealing process is used on the bottle cap. This article will introduce you to these types of bottle caps. The first is a glass bottle ca Read More

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